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Supertech Electronic Co., Ltd.

About Us
Since the market becomes more competitive day by day, the Manager Director invested in an electrolytic capacitor factory in September, 1997. The registered logo has been marked on the capacitors.

In order to offer our customers more reliable quality and better service, we began applying ISO 9002 standards in July, 1998. We received our certificate of registration for ISO 9002:94 on December 8, 1998. However, to meet the latest ISO...More»
Company Info
Business Type

Buying Agent/Office,Manufacturer

Product Export To

Asia,Europe,North America,South America,Africa

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Year of Established



Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers, Inductors and Beads, Metal Oxide Varistors, Power Supply, THREE-HOOK Cable Tie, Connectors, Cooling Fan, Gas Tube Arresters, LED, LED Display, Relay, Buzzer, Crystals

Competitive Advantages

High Quality

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OEM Service


Factory Size

1,900 Square Meters


ISO 9002, ISO 9002:94, ISO 9001:2000

Contact Details

Contact Person: Mr. Arthur Chou (Director)
Address: P.O. Box 209, Chaiyi City 600 TW
Tel: 886-5-2782796
Fax: 886-5-2786786
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