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  Wind Star Ready-Made Electric Glider    
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Post Date:
- March 04, 2014
Product Name
- Wind Star Ready-Made Electric Glider
Wingspan - 71ins (1.8mt)
Weight - approx. 44 oz. (1250-1300g)
Suits - 3 CH. R/C elevator, rudder & motor control
Battery - 7.2V 1500-4500mAh(SC)
Motor - speed 540 type turbo-fan

The Wind Star ready-made electric glider is suitable for beginners and sports pilots.

It has a ready fitted electric flight motor with folding prop and spinner as well as factory fitted pushrods, control surfaces, control horn, servo trays plus finished and covered 3-panel plug-in wings.
This means no building, no sanding, no painting, no gluing and no covering is required by you!

If you're not that good at flying yet, don't worry - the super strong, blow-moulded polypropylene fuselage is virtually indestructible!
You can expect typical flights around 15 minutes from this extraordinary plane

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Address: No. 36, Jiaotangxia Industrial Zone, Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai, Guangdong, CN
Tel: 86-756-3360106
Fax: 86-756-3360206
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