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  Nieuport 17    
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Post Date:
- March 04, 2014
Product Name
- Nieuport 17
History: Maiden flight: January 1916

The Nieuport 17series of aircraft was the weapon of choice for World War One aces such as Rene Fonck, Albert Ball and Billy Bishop. The XVII was directly developed from the existing and successful 11 "Bebe" platform and would end up becoming one of the more successful Allied aircraft designs of the war.
The Nieuport 17 features major improvements on the 11 airframe, including a reinforced wing system that proved fatal in some instances while flying the 11 models. A new retractable gun mount was devised to allow pilots easier access to the top wing-mounted single machine gun. Improvements in the base powerplants also enlightened the aircraft to her pilots, making her a weapon of choice for if only a short while.

As with most technology throughout World War One, if it worked, it was copied. The Germans were impressed with the XVII enough to do so. In the end, the Nieuport 17 continued the successful tradition started by Gustave Delage with his initial 11 based on the "Bebe" racer plane. Commonly grouped with the other "Nieuport Fighting Scouts" in the series, the 17 deserves its own special mention.

Category: Biplane/scale/warbird/EP parkflyer

Wingspan: 960mm Wingarea: 15.69 sq. Dm

Length: 650mm wing loading: 37.6g/dm2 RTF weight: 590g

Power system recommended:

C2836 brushless motor, BM18-20A BSC, 9g servos, 8x6 prop, 11.1V/1300mah Lipo battery.

4 channels, 4 servos

Dummy machine gun is included!

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