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  Neiuport 28    
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Post Date:
- March 04, 2014
Product Name
- Neiuport 28
Wingspan: 1725mm
Wing area: 59.4 sq. Dm
Length: 1370mm
Engine required: 20-28CC petrol engine
Radio: 6 channels/6 servos
Carbon Tail Dragger included
Dummy machine gun included

The French-built Nieuport 28 fighter was the third of the successful trilogy of "Nieuport Fighting Scouts" that included the original Nieuport 11 and 17 models. The 28 model would become the aircraft of choice for aces such as American Eddie Rickenbacker. To that end, the Nieuport 28 is oft-considered the ultimate in the Nieuport fighting scout designs.

The Type 28 introduced a lower wing section that was larger in size whereas preceding models utilized a smaller lower wing section. The airframe was designed to be more slender and thusly more aerodynamic and the machine maintained it great maneuverability that was common in all Nieuports. Two 7.7mm machine guns complimented the machines killer instincts, upgrading the offensive / defensive armament from pervious Nieuports in the series.

The Nieuport 28 would become the first aircraft to be piloted by Americans in the First World War. Though already outclassed by the newer and faster SPAD series of aircraft, the Nieuport 28 was still put to good use by American pilots, making aces out of several of them.

In the end, the Nieuport success in wartime translated to peacetime, where multiple nations would conitinue to utilize the system during the interwar years. Though not a perfect fighter by any regard (the structure was still considered quite fragile - a drawback of the entire series in fact) the aircraft still proved to be valuable in capable hands. If anything, the Type 28 simply added to the Nieuport legacy as one of the best aircraft series of the First World War.

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