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  Magic Mirror Lighting LED Box photo frame    
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Post Date:
- August 31, 2012
Minimum Order Quantity:
- 6
Product Name
- Magic Mirror Lighting LED Box photo frame
light boxes features:

1/ light boxes apply LGP technology to make high brightness, evenly and soft lighting.
2/ light boxes take LED as light source to save energy and low heat generation;
3/ light boxes could keep 70,000 hours long lifetime;
4/ light boxes are easy to change inner picture; with various optional fixing solutions, like hanging, mounting etc.
5/ light boxes material is crystal or aluminum; surface applies advanced diamond polishing technology, looks elegant and attractive;
6/ light boxes are ultrathin, and light boxes can design as single or double faces.

light boxes applications:

1/ light boxes as advertising, light boxes are widely used in exhibition&fair, bus stops, airports, train stations and so on.
2/ light boxes as decoration, light boxes are widely used in hotel, restaurant, showroom, cafe, club, bar, library and so on.
Unit Price:
15-50usd USD

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