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  Huge Stainless Steel Decoration Steel Etching Line    
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Post Date:
- May 11, 2011
Product Name
- Huge Stainless Steel Decoration Steel Etching Line
- ZC-YB1200
Export Countries
- global
Brand Name:
Huge Stainless Steel Decoration Steel Etching Line
Model: ZC-YB1200
Etching sie(L*W): 0.5*0.3m-1.8*3.6m
Etching rate: 0-3m/min
Power systems: frequency stepless speed regulation.
Control system: stand-alone control / PLC automatic control.
Etching line width accuracy: <0.15mm.
Scalability: can making machine line into the line.
Certif cate: CE and ISO.

1.This series chemical etching process equipmnts specious for large-size stainless steel, and widely used in stainless steel decorative panels, stainless steel template, and so on.
2.All section of this line have Patent Authorized! (Notice:SUS201 Etching can choose Independent 201 function section to make sure of etching quality.)
3.Regular sizes are 8 * 4', 10 * 4', 3.6 * 1.8m; Thickness is 0.15-8mm thickness; regular models have two windows, four windows, six windows; the whole line length is 20m to 24m;control types have Independent section control and Integration PLC / HMI automatic control.
4.Also provide size fotmat exposure machine, auto screen printing machines and other assortative equipments.

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