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  Evaporative air cooler    
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Post Date:
- October 07, 2011
Factory Location
Payment Term:
- T/T
Minimum Order Quantity:
- 10 sets
Product Name
- Evaporative air cooler
- CY
Export Countries
- India iran
Production Time:
- one week
Brand Name:
- CY
Safety/Quality Certification(s):
- control by ourself
1. The product characteristics:
Fan style Axial flow Centrifugal
power 1.1KW 1.5KW /2.2KW
Air outlet style top/side/bottom discharge top/side/bottom discharge
airflow 18000m³/h 18000-25000m³/h
Wind pressure 195Pa 250Pa
Voltage 220V/380V 380V
Usable area 100-150㎡ 100-200㎡
Noise ≤73db ≤70db
Dimension 1080*1080*950 mm 1080*1080*950 mm
Wind outlet size 670*670 mm 670*460 mm
Fan speed single/various speed single/various speed

2. The working concept
Using the circulating pump to pumping the water out of the tank, and trough the water distribution system spray evenly on the evaporation filter layer, the outdoor hot air enter the evaporation cooling medium, in the medium(honeycomb filter layer of special material, so that better cooling efficiency ) to proceeding the fully heat exchange with water. Through the evaporation wet curtain, which the transfer area is several times lager than the surface, to absorb a lot of heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. The cool and clean air cooled by water evaporation absorbs the heat, pressurized by the low-noise fan into the room, and make the indoor hot air exhaust to the outside, and achieve the purpose of cooling the indoor air.
3. The application scope
1).Manufacturing industry such as textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather, etc
2).Making processing industry such as electroplating, electron, shoemaking, printing and dyeing, plastic, clothing, printing, packaging, food, etc.
3).Hospital, waiting room, school, reception room, superstore, laundry;
4).Public place such as kitchen, food market, large entertainment center, underground parking place, station, etc;
5).planting and breeding places such as greenhouse, flowers and plants, poultry, animal husbandry, etc.
6).Refitting and installation of existing air-condition and wind giving machine equipment.
7).For the places needed high moisture such as textile and farm, may adopt part of interior installation;
8).For some places which require lower moisture and more cleanness, please think whether it is suitable.
4. The wind outlet style
A: top discharge
B: side discharge
C: bottom discharge
5. The advantage
1). Less investment, great efficiency
2). Low power consumption, only 1 degree of electricity per hour
3). the cold air volume reach 18000m³/h, big air pressure, blast air far
4). Full-automatic electronic control and automatic cleaning function
5). Use the super silent three-blade or centrifugal wind wheel, low noise, high efficiency
6). Use 100mm multi-layer fiber wave-dimension composite material, wet curtain, with strong cooling capability
7). Ventilation, air renewal, dust removal, deodorization
8).Evaporation increases the oxygen in the air, environmental friendly, good for human healthy, improve the working efficiency
9). Natural air or post air, free to choose
10). Humidity control, control the humidity of some places needed high humidity

More attractive appearance
More rapid installation
More convenient transporting
More favorable price

Casing: modified PP plastics adopted, high strength, not easy deformation, anti-ultraviolet ray and ageing resistance
Blower fan: novel wind blades adopted, sufficient air quantity, high pressure, and effective noise inhibition //Centrifugal wind wheel: super-silent, high hydrostatic pressure, blowing further
Motor: full aluminum casing adopted, good appearance, light weight, quick heat dissipation, high efficiency, dust and moisture prevention, high quality dual sealed bearings equipped, and high safety and maintenance free
Wet curtain: imported paper adopted, good water absorption, high evaporation efficiency, specially formulated glue, greenness and environmental protection, good viscosity, no degumming even being soaked all the year around, and a long service life
Water pump: a permanent magnetism footed pump, high efficiency, and overcoming the defect of easy damage caused by water deficiency, idling and scaling
With an outside dust screen, this can be easily removed and cleaned.
Unit Price:
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