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  E-2000 Series    
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Post Date:
- August 09, 2011
Factory Location
Taichung, Taiwan
Payment Term:
- L/C, TT
Minimum Order Quantity:
- 500Kg
Product Name
- E-2000 Series
- E-2030 E-2555 E-2570
Export Countries
- Taiwan
Production Time:
- 5 days after payment receive for15MT
Brand Name:
- Taiwan U-Pellet
Safety/Quality Certification(s):
- Certificated of Origin with every order
Detailed Product Description E-2000 Series
The strength of using Taiwan U pellet E-2000 Series TPR/TPE Material
1. Excellent environmentally friendly raw material--> 100% non-poisonous
2. Pass RoHs and PAHs directives and verified by SGS.
3. Wide range of Hardness, from Shore C to Shore A and Shore D- It's up to your needs.
4. Excellent recycle and reuse capability-->keep the cost down
5. Excellent processing capability--> does not need to vulcanize and dry
6. Excellent rubbery elasticity and touch feel
7. Excellent properties at low temperature
8. Good light fastness
9. Good weather resistance
10. Good elongation
11. High tensile strength, tear strength
12. High purity hydrogenated material
13. Good aging resistance
14. Excellent rubbery electrical insulation
15. Chemical resistance (alkali, salt)
16.Softness,transparency, colorable
17. Pass Germany strict standard of Nonyl phenol<100ppm
18. Stable and tyrustworthy quality
We all know one of the most toxic of all materials is PVC; it releases toxins into our environment and threatens our health. Thermoplastic Rubber is 100% complete nontoxic and environmentally friendly, with a little investment will bring you the recyclability to reduce the loss of injection and testing, non-toxic will bring a healthier environment for you, your employees, your children and family and your country.
E-2000 Series is a series of thermosplastic rubber compound materials produced by Taiwan U-Pellet Co., LTD.
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Contact Detail

Address: 209 RenHua Rd. Dali Dist Taichung 41278 TW
Tel: 886-4-22711515
Fax: 886-4-22711188
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