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Post Date:
- June 01, 2012
Product Name
- sr-2400
Comply to DALI standard protocol IEC60929 and in compliance with DALI products from other international incorporation.
Addressable for DALI Dimmer slave.
Can Switch on/off and dim 64 DALI addresses respectively.
Can create 16 group addresses that can be switch on/off and dimmed independently.
Can create 16 scenarios and launch 16 scenarios..
Time settable, hour & minute to be set respectively.
Can set 16 timers, 16 timers can be either set to control switch on/off for a single DALI(or a group address) or set the time to launch set scenarios at a specific time randomly.
Powerful and excellent for small area DALI lighting system as master control device.
Standard dimension design in 86*86mm, easy to install in the wall.
- 521771/20120602111917.pdf

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