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  Cutting Dies Precision Etching Machine    
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Post Date:
- May 11, 2011
Product Name
- Cutting Dies Precision Etching Machine
- DB 5060
Cutting Dies Precision Etching Machine
Model: DB5060
Power: 380V/6.5kw
Processing size: 500*600mm
Work temperature: ≤65℃
Outsize: 1850*1700*1460mm
Weight 450kg
1.This type of machine is designed and manufactured as completely new-generation cutter etching machine according to techniques demand of cutter mold, making printing-plate, flat mould and so on industries, specially suiting for the depth etching of normal metallic material (≧1.5mm) and satisfying the etching techniques demand of large area and high plane degree.
2. The models designed for die cutter, foil version, flat-sided mold or metal corrosion depth of deep processing. Metal etching process typically used: stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials, tool steel, concrete and metal surfaces to achieve the purpose of processing graphics depth of corrosion. Products such as: knife version, bronzing Edition and so on.
3.This machine tool can collocate proper etching motion framework of HONEST or SNAB system and guarantee the realization of motion calm, etching uniformity, operation credibility and so on techniques demands. SNAB system, online purification set can be selected and matched.
4. TOP loading operation way with refinement design, in the large degree, has facilitated the operation and the daily-life maintenance.

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