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  Albatros Dva    
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Post Date:
- March 04, 2014
Product Name
- Albatros Dva
Wingspan: 1325mm
Wing area: 32.95sq.
Overall length: 1045mm
Ready to fly weight: 1300g
Engine: Brushless motor or. 15-21 glow engine
Wing Loading: 39.458g/sq. Dm
Radio: 4-6 channels/4 servos
Aluminum shock absorbing type gear included

Key features:
Super light structure design with scale flight characristics
Constructed of laser-cut balsa/ply and expertly covered
Carbon fiber wing tube and CF push rods for elevator/rudder
Scale color scheme
Scale aluminum shock-absorbing landing gear and tail skid
Scale appearance, scale radiator, scale wheel, and scale machine guns
Scale spinner included

The Albatross D. V series is often regarded as the best of the bunch in regards to the preceding D. I, D. II and the D. III models. By the latter years of 1917, the improved D. III was already showing signs that it had become outclassed by the newer Allied S. E. 5 fighters so thusly the development of the D. V ensued based on the aforementioned D. III.
The D. V series offered up vast improvements to the overall aerodynamically-shaped fuselage. Materials of the fuselage itself continued to be of the fabric-covered plywood variety but the integral improvements in performance, handling and the dual-synchronized machine guns all allowed the D. V to be pushed into the production lines.
Though not without limitations within these capabilities, the Albatross suffered from a variety of setbacks, most notably the propensity of the system to break up in flight. Upon later research the issue was traced back to the engineering design of the lower wing structure, where inherent weaknesses were located and ironed out. The development of the D. V would lead to the D. Va, the last in the Albatross series (detailed elsewhere on this site). This makes the Albatross series one of the more notable series of German aircraft from the First World War, matched only perhaps by the mentions of the successful German Fokker series. Green R/C designed and produced 1/6 scale Albatross DV.

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